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Tush-Cush Ergonomic and Orthopedic Seats Cushions That Relieve Pressure and Prevent Pain From Sitting Due to Sciatic pain, Tarlov Cyst, Coccydynia, Post Spine Surgery, Hip Pain, Pregnancy and Labor, Lower Back Pain, Trauma

Tush-Cush® The Best Choice in Seat Cushions

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Our Customers LOVE Our Products!

I highly recommend this product for my patients with coccyx pain.  It helps relieve direct pressure on the coccyx and promotes optimal sitting alignment. The customer service is fantastic.

Allison McCreath, pht Pelvic Health Physical Therapist

So excited that my Car Tush came today! No more sore "tush" for me while watching the kids at gymnastics practice.

Heather C. - Verified Purchase

Been in pain for a month and got your extra firm cushion today. I had another brand, but this is like night and day. Sat on it for about a hour with no pain. Great product, would recommend this to everyone. Even told my chiropractor about it today.

G. Satosky - Verified Purchase

Wonderful product! Cannot imagine my car and office without them! Thanks for saving my tush!

Jamie B. - Verified Purchase

I love this ergonomic someone who once suffered from lower back pain, I must say that I love my Tush Cush.

Jenn W. - Verified Purchase

I took advantage of a wonderful TushCush sale (thank you!) and now can leave one in my car, as well as several in the house, so I don't have to go grab the one on my desk chair when I want to sit at the table and work on a jigsaw. Such luxury. And truly, the best possible thing for my scoliosis-bothered back. No other cushion or support even comes close to putting my spine in alignment while sitting. I bow down in thanks each day!

Susan R - Verified Purchase

Thank You very much for the super service that you gave us on our delivery from you.
The cushion was ordered on 12 December and here we are receiving it in Maine on 14 December.
Thank You and have a very Merry Christmas!!

Harold and Jeanne R. - Verified Purchase

Love your products. I have been using these compact cushions to travel and in the car. After my spinal surgery these cushions have been a lifesaver. 

G. R. - Verified Purchase

I have used Tush-Cush since 2015! I still have my original pad. Works excellent but bought a brand new one so that me and the family can have multiple! I have never had a neck issue in my car after using this. It’s a must buy!

Jeffrey T. - Verified Purchase

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