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Extra Firm Extended Tush Cush Cushion relieves pressure, prevents back, pelvic, hip, leg pain
Extra Firm Extended Tush Cush Cushion relieves pressure, prevents back, pelvic, hip, leg pain
Extra Firm Extended Tush Cush Cushion relieves pressure, prevents back, pelvic, hip, leg pain
Tush-Cush® 15" x 20" EXTENDED WIDTH & EXTRA FIRM... SAVE! Add to Cart for Sale Price

Tush-Cush® 15" x 20" EXTENDED WIDTH & EXTRA FIRM... SAVE! Add to Cart for Sale Price

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Recommended by doctors and healthcare professionals

The Tush-Cush® is now offered in an Extended Version and Extra Firm foam style, measuring 15”x 20”.
Provides additional comfort in larger seating and wheelchairs.

Product Overview
The Extra-Firm Extended Tush-Cush® is a higher density cushion that is recommended for persons over 200lbs. The Extended Tush-Cush® orthopedic seat cushion is scientifically designed to relieve and prevent back pain, sciatica, and other discomforts associated with sitting. The unique cutout section of the cushion suspends the tailbone providing comfort and relief to areas sensitive to sitting. The wedge shape tilts your pelvis forward to restore your spine’s natural lumbar curve. 

The Tush-Cush® is the original design of the wedge-shaped cushion with cutout. During the 30 years that we have been in business there have been many attempts to replicate our product. Often imitated, NEVER duplicated. Our cushion is made of the highest quality foam to maintain the integrity of the wedge and give you the best support possible every time you sit.

Product Features

  • Suspends the tailbone, reducing the pressure on and within the lower spinal discs.
  • Causes the pelvis to tip forward to help restore the spine’s natural lumbar curve.
  • Provides excellent sitting comfort. The cutout section of the cushion allows comfort and relief of pain to areas sensitive to sitting.
  • Velour cover is 100% washable. Executive covers are made of a breathable vinyl and can easily be wiped clean.
  • Fits perfectly in a larger chair or wheelchair. 

Product Dimensions

Depth: 15″
Width: 20″
Height: 3″ in the back tapering down 1″ in the front.
Weight: 2 lbs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Scott Elliott
Not as firm as I would like

I purchased this for driving mhRV.The seat in the RV is new so it’s still firm , however the new tushcush seem to have more give than expected. I’ll have to see how it performs on a trip or 2 .
Scott E.

It absolutely helped big time!

I purchased the Tush Cush Extra Firm & Extended Width for use on my home office desk chair. Although the chair was moderately comfortable, it was nonetheless a bit too low for proper posture while working at the computer. The cushion size was just right for the dimensions of the chair and it served to raise my body to a better height. Added to this was a slight adjustment to the lumbar support and - voila! - just like having a new chair. I like that the cushion is firm enough to properly raise my body without sinking into a soft cushion.

By the way, I have been using a Tush Cush in my car for at least the past 20 years! Thanks for a great product -

Carol Wietzki
The BEST cushion ever!

I ordered my first Tush Cush when I was an engineer for Union Pacific Railroad. This cushion is the best ever to protect your hips, spine, back & neck from vibrations of a moving vehicle; whether it is a train engine, truck, car, or pickup. No person should be without one. I got an extra firm Tush Cush for my son to use also as he is an engineer for UP also & he faithfully uses his cushion. Now that I'm retired I leave my Tush Cush in my vehicle so I AM NEVER without it. They're a life saver! It's the best small amount of money invested' that can save the health of your body & ultimately your health. God Bless those of you who buy one of these. You will never regret it. Thanks to another railroader who showed me his Tush Cush & gave me the number to call Kinetic Diversified Ind. to order a cushion I retired from the railroad a healthy woman. Thank you Kinetic for your ultimate superior "Tush Cush."

Ryan Davis
Amazing product!

I have 5 different Tush Kush cushions in our household and this one is my favorite due to the great support, firmness and large size. I got turned onto these cushions after a surgery and now use them in the car, working from my home office, sitting at dinner, and even on the lawnmower! Great company and products!