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Caring For Your Tush Cush Product


The faux leather covers can be wiped off with warm water and a mild soap, with no need to remove the cover.

The velour/microsuede covers can be removed by unzipping the cover and removing the high-density foam. This allows you to wash the fabric cover easily.

We recommend hand washing in cold or using the washing machine gentle cycle on cold, with mild soap, then line dry.

To put the cover back on,

1. Take the clean cover right side out and fold it back half-way.

2. Now you will re--insert the foam back into your clean cover. 

3. You now have both sides of the top of the foam inserted into your clean cover. 

4. Lay the cushion on a flat surface. Roll the remaining cover material back down the body of the foam toward the 1" tapered bottom. Run your hand along the inside of the cover to ensure that the foam is sitting flat and smooth inside the cover and all curves.

5. Once the cover is rolled all the way down the foam, you will see that the foam is slightly longer than the cover. That is good! You will be able to press the foam easily into the cover as you pull the zipper close. Time to zip!

To close the cushion, as you pull the zipper to close it, place your finger inside the edge of the foam and gently push inward while pulling the zipper towards you. Don’t zip it up until the fabric has had a chance to relax a bit. 


Craftsmen Tip: Using a little hand lotion on your hands helps the cover to move more easily over the foam.