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Compact Car Cush® 13" x 15" With EXTRA FIRM Foam SAVE! Add to Cart for Sale Price
Compact Car Cush® 13" x 15" With EXTRA FIRM Foam SAVE! Add to Cart for Sale Price
Compact Car Cush® 13" x 15" With EXTRA FIRM Foam SAVE! Add to Cart for Sale Price
Compact Car Cush® 13" x 15" With EXTRA FIRM Foam SAVE! Add to Cart for Sale Price

Compact Car Cush® 13" x 15" With EXTRA FIRM Foam SAVE! Add to Cart for Sale Price

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Make driving and travel fun again with the Compact Car-Cush® EXTRA FIRM... Made in the USA.

The Tush-Cush® brand of orthopedic seat cushions are scientifically designed to relieve and prevent pain and pressure associated with sitting.

Product Overview

The Compact Car-Cush® *EXTRA FIRM measures 13" wide by 15" deep, one of the narrowest car cushion products available, and is ideal for all vehicle seats or surfaces with a smaller flat surface seating area such as sports and electric cars, small SUVs (fits 11 1/2" wide seat easily) to medium SUVs, vehicle seats with bolstered seat sides, and airplane seats.

*EXTRA FIRM foam is designed for persons 200lbs or more, or for those who prefer a very firm seat surface.

With its built-in handle design, it's the perfect cushion to take along on your travels as it can be easily carried along with your luggage! 

Product Features:

  • Provides excellent seating comfort by suspending the tailbone in air over the unique cut-out, which reduces the pressure on and within the lower spinal discs.
  • The Wedge-shaped design causes the pelvis to gently tip forward to help restore the spine’s natural lumbar curve. 
  • We only use top quality polyurethane foam, never latex or memory foam. 
  • Velour (microsuede) upholstery grade removable covers are 100% hand washable on cold, hang dry. Faux Leather covers are made of a breathable vinyl and can easily be wiped clean.

Recommended by Doctors and Physical Therapist Worldwide

Product Dimensions:

Depth (back to front): 15″
Width (side to side): 13″
Height: 3″ in the back tapering down to 1″ in the front.
Weight: 14 oz.

Measure your seat surface:

Using a measuring or ruler device, measure the flat seating surface that you will place the cushion upon. Depth is the measurement from the back of the seat to under your knees. Width is the flat surface, side to side, that you will sit on. If you have upholstery that is bolstered on each side, only measure the flat seating surface in between the bolstered areas. Even if your seat measurement is at 11" to 13", the Compact Car Cush® is the right fit for your vehicle as it will sit in place and provide the support you need. 

If you need a slightly wider cushion, consider Car Cush® with dimensions of 13" Depth x 16" Width.

Using your Compact Car Cush®:

Place the cushion on your seating surface, with the handle and cut-out side to the back. Sit back on the cushion to ensure that your tailbone is suspended over the cut-out area. The cushion is designed to end slightly short (depth) of the front of your seating surface to allow knee clearance under a steering wheel and to accommodate a wide variety of seating surfaces. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joan Burger
Just About Perfect Fit

I bought this Tush-Cush for our Subaru Forrester. I have a spinal fusion and need a cushion to bring the back of the seat cushion up to brace my spine. This cushion fits perfectly...in the car seat and under my tush!

Great U.S. Made Product, Even Better Customer Service

I contacted customer service at the beginning of this month because the product I was looking for (extra firm compact car cush) was not on the web. Kate in customer service was just great. She confirmed that the compact car cush would be right for my car (Subaru Impreza) and explained that the extra firm version would be available next month, in Dec. I am leaving for a trip this month and had hoped to take the cushion along with me. Kate got the CEO, Jill, involved and they worked miracles to make sure I got the cushion for my trip. Kate even brought the cushion home with her so she could send it out on a Saturday! The cushion speaks for itself.. extremely well made and fits nicely in my car. I am using the cushion for a knee issue and to assist me in doing some Physical Therapy exercises. I use it in my car, as well as on my dining room chair. I am very happy with the product and am thrilled it's made in the United States! I am still in awe of the great customer service. I saw my Physical Therapist today and I told her how well Tush Cush treated me and thanked her for recommending the product. Kate, Jill, and everyone at Tush Cush...a very heartfelt thank you! You've no idea how your kindness has helped my healing process.