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But Aren't All Seat Cushions The Same?

Suffering from stiff back, numb buttocks, crampy legs, feeling the pinch of aggravated sciatic pain, and feeling like you have lost circulation to your legs from sitting too long? There is an easy way to improve your comfort, lessen pain, whether in the car or at the desk, and that is by using a premium orthopedically designed seat cushion... but not just any foam or gel cushion will do!

But aren't all seat cushions the same, just giving me some extra padding to sit on?  Can't I just buy one of those $20 cushions I see on Amazon and get the same results?

In a word, No... and here's one of the reasons why... 


The Tush Cush was originally researched over several years and created by an orthopedic doctor who focused on improving the pelvic tilt to naturally realign the lower lumber discs. 

When we sit, our lower lumber discs compress and often nerves are caught up in that compression, or aggravated nerves are further irritated by sitting. That discomfort can then radiate up the back and down the legs, causing even more widespread pain. Less movement on our part because we are in pain brings on stiffness and sometimes cramping of muscles.

The Doctor designed a specific cut out to create a safe suspension of the tailbone, to take the pressure off the coccyx (term for tailbone). The back of the cushion is at 3" and the design then slopes downward to the front of the cushion, which causes a natural forward tilt of your lower spine when sitting on the cushion correctly.

At the very front of the cushion, the height is perfect at a lower level to allow your legs to rest easily, a perfect transition from high to low on any surface.

"Some cushions sort of look like yours"

Are we often copied? Yes, and it is a sincere form of flattery that the "orthopedic" cushion world recognizes our leadership... yet, if we look closely at other like-kind products, we often see lesser quality materials inside and out (we never stint on best materials), our designs are researched and carefully calibrated to correct suspension, for ease of carrying (we have a handle built right in), and we see products that are often made in countries that do not adhere to labor laws to protect workers with a safe work environment and living wages... as we shared, there is often a BIG difference in their product versus ours which is made in the USA.

"Our commitment to you"

Tush Cush only uses top quality materials to create products that you can trust because we follow the highest manufacturing standards AND we remain committed to producing our products right here in the USA in support of the US economy.