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TushCush Back pain relief and Tailbone Coccyx injury Cushions improve seating comfort
Tush Cush Orthopedic Seat Cushions are scientifically designed to relieve and prevent back pain, numb buttocks and other discomforts associated with sitting. This is done by suspending the tailbone (coccyx) in the air by reducing the pressure on the lower spinal discs; tipping the pelvis forward to help restore the spine's natural lumbar curve. Providing excellent seating comfort. The cut-out section of the cushion allows comfort and relief of pain to other areas sensitive to sitting.


Tush Cush Orthopedic Seat Cushions, coccyx pillow, tailbone injury, pilonidal cyst treatment, Back pain relief

From: G. Satosky
"Been in pain for a month and got your extra firm cushion today. I had another brand, but this is like night and day. Sat on it for about a hour with no pain. Great product, would recommend this to everyone. Even told my chiropractor about it today."

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